a new day and new blog

I have never really thought about blogging too much. I mean… I put so much garbage out in the world between twitter, facebook, livejournal (im old), etc. Do I really need another place for a voice? Well.. maybe I should start with my Agreement to myself? I’ll start out with what this blog will not be and see what happens from there.

what this blog is not

  1. a place for me to complain about any one individual
  2. a place to generate hate, negativity, or generally being a shit.
  3. difficult to maintain. No fancy pages, images, or requirements that involve me learning css. I just wont do it.
  4. self promotion or marketing
  5. accessibility should be a priority for anyone to read, including myself.
  6. I will not learn css

what this blog is

  1. articles about what I’ve learned; technology, about myself, about the world around me
  2. being a woman in technology
  3. contains zero regard for potentially harming my own personal branding
  4. traveling info and updates
  5. there will be stuff about food
  6. void of css I wrote or have to write
  7. void of the ability for you to add comments. nope. nope. nope. Otherwise, why not just point you to livejournal.
Written on May 27, 2017